Zograf (Belgrád) levele

- Did Lukin have the right to forbid the access to the free mp3s ?

Formally yes, but I think that his reaction is by far exaggerated...

- Can such a behavior of once a rebellionist now a trader be called reactionist (sorry for being brutal in terms)?

Yes, I believe that it could be said so...

- Can an mp3 site be understood as a free library (only three songs from an album) ?

Yes, especially because in this case it's the material which has the hystorical value, more then commercial one. The public access would be beneficial, simply because it is the record of the time, and it can help in valuing the alternative culture of that period in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

- Can live-recordings from the past system be put on the Internet or published by the organizer of the concert?

My answer is YES. I think that music, especially alternative music, should be considered a public domain in some cases, and it's another way of fighting the rules proposed by the rich companies which are using music only as a profit-making tool.

- Should the government support the author rights in these cases or is it a utopia (they have never so far).

I'm not sure that government should interfere into it all.

- Does the term underground have any sense after the changes ? Is underground the same as non-commercial, or rather politically critical ?

This is a big question, and there is no simple answer. I think that underground and alternative production is always going to exist - simply
because there will always be a need for independent view, and to stay away from the hierarchy and authorities of the time. I think that art should always be able to put a question mark on life and society.

- Whats your general opinion on music on the Internet ?

Generally, I'm not against it, and personally, I'm not consuming it, because of the technical reasons ( my computer is too weak, and so is my knowledge in computer operating. You may call me a cave man...).

- Is the situation common in other East/European countries?

In Serbia, there is a lot of bootlegged music that you can buy everywhere. Some people think it's bad, but I'm buying it (please don't sue me, ha ha ). As for the alternative music, people are producing it as a labor of love, basically.