Erhard Khessling (FMP - Berlin) véleménye

I am not very much into music presentation in the internet but as I know in Germany everyboday has the right to publish the own music there and also people like me have the right to offer the access to listen to several music.

I do not know the Hungarian law regarding publishing words and music but I think there is no.

My opinion is that the guy living in the U.S. have no right to forbid the internet publishing of the records. I also think he became a very different person !

The"underground is a very productive basis to development new cultural ways - and I think you are on good way in Budapest and Hungary as I also heard about there is happening much regarding music, arts and theatre in dance at present.
It seems to be a very fertile process now and the aim should be not to commercialize such things, this music of Trabant included.
Of course this scene also has the aim to earn money -this is more than legal - but they first try to realize their cultural attitude to create
new things. And this is most important.
On the other hand there many people now I suppose like this guy who try to make quick money! - I hate those people !

I hope you will be succesful to prevent your rights to publish many exciting things in the internet!

Best !