Steffen Wilde (Subtone Concerts - Hamburg) levele

- Did Lukin have the right to forbid the access to the free mp3s ?

Since he's not the author, he shouldn't have the right to forbit, but pass over his problem to the author and find an agreement.

- Can such a behaviour of once a rebellionist now a trader be called rectionist (sorry for being brutal in terms)?

I don't know enough about Lurkin and his life to give a fair answer.

- Can an mp3 site be understood as a free library (only three songs from an album) ?

A song is a song.

- Can live-recordings from the past system be put on the Internet or published by the organiser of the concert?

The artist/author should have the right to decide what happens with his compositions. if the publishing is authorized by the the composer/artist/author - no problem.

- Should the government support the author rights in these cases or is it a utopia (they have never so far)

If they would REALLY SUPPORT the author, they should do so. But the way it is now (at least in Germany, but I doubt that it is better elsewhere), they do nothing for the author, but their own pocket. Musicians only get a very
small (much too small) part of the money these institutions collect. So f... them!

- Does the term underground have any sense after the changes ? Is underground the same as non-commercial, or rather politically critical ?

It still can be both. The 'underground person' decides what she/he wants to be,
non-commercial or politically critical or both.

- Whats your general opinion on music on the Internet ?

Great possibilities!

- Is the situation common in other East/European countries?

I think, it's even a world-wide controversy.

For me, the composer/author/artist IN ANY CASE is the first to decide what should happen with his work. If he says: "Give my music to the people, I
just want them to hear and listen" - fine. But I believe that most artists have to earn their additionally to the fact that they want to have their music wide-spread. Leave the decision to them, but not to businessmen who just want
to take them for a ride.