The New Musical Express on the Budapest scene (1982)
Jesse Jones: Budapessimism
(10th July, 1982)

Balaton follow, with edgy love songs, irony and existencial angst, restless
rhythms, playing over past and present, the meaning of memory, paranoia.
"Who's that hiding under the big Persian carpet? We don't know, we don't
know, it's censorship." Slides show Paris, cameras, trees, tape recorders,
Budapest lit to look like New York - how to see the world when you're
not allowed a passport. "Hungarian summer, Russian winter, Prague
spring, No one remembers." A grey slab of flats is shot into the sun so a
neon star bursts from an upper window; the little blonde singer leaps for
joy across the screen. Balaton are the most arty and subtle of the bands of
show. The Oi! fans listen with respect, if not enthusiasm.